About Hi-Tune

Who is Hi-Tune Distribution & Manufacturing?

In August 2018, Hi-Tune D&M opened its doors in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as a manufacturer and distributor of premium health and wellness products. HTD&M has a unique mission of tying music (and artistry of all types; comedy, spoken-word; etc.) to a health and wellness product that they manufacture. Say what? Let us explain…

The Music Industry in an Age of Digital Distribution

Distribution is a crucial part of music promotion. Traditionally, artists only used record labels and brick and mortar music distributors to get their art in the hands of listeners. Since 2015, digital music distribution has taken center stage and continues to surpass sales of physical mediums.

Artists have many options to digitally distribute their music to a listener with the ultimate goal of getting on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon. But it is not enough to JUST GET ON those digital platforms. Artists want people to stream, download, and purchase their art form so that they can receive royalties.

Why Hi-Tune Distribution & Manufacturing

Hi-Tune manufactures cannabis health and wellness products and distributes through modern packaging. Included within the packaging is a QR code or Augmented Reality logo. Once a picture of the product is taken or QR code scanned it unlocks exclusive content from the artist. To put it simply, “Buy some CBD…get a digital song”, “Buy some Reserved THC syrup and get a comedy hour”, or “Buy A THC infused Gummy get a poem”.

A person buying a Hi-Tune manufactured product will have the opportunity to go to the Hi-Tune platform and download the artistry AND product information (testing and dosing information). The cannabis health and wellness product itself carries the music/media.

This modern distribution mechanism is a big draw for artists as they can make their music/art available to millions of people using health and wellness cannabis products! Artists have more of a chance getting people to download their artform rather than just hoping they come across it on Spotify, iTunes, or YouTube.

Hi-Tune takes the artists content to the masses by way of a health and wellness product. The health and wellness product helps people with an illness or aliment and becomes associated with the artist. The artist gets the recognition/promotion through the product as well as a royalty. It is a perfect match!

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